And the winner is…


Alice Munro fans rejoice over her latest and greatest accomplishment

Alice Munro awoke to her daughter saying, “Mom, you won.”

“I was kind of dazed about what I had won. I had no idea of it. I don’t think I knew I was even on a list until maybe yesterday,” Munro told reporters.

What had she won? Only the 2013 Nobel prize for Literature. And the equivalent of just over $1.2 million US dollars.

This highest of honors has been especially elusive for writers with Munro’s background, that is, female Canadian short story writers. She will join a short list of only 13 women to win the Nobel prize for Literature (out of 110 total), as well as become the first Canadian citizen to win the prize. (Saul Bellow, a Canadian born writer, was born in Canada but had spent several years as an American citizen by the time he earned the distinction.) and furthermore the first Canadian woman to ever win.

Munro announced her retirement with the release of her latest collection of short stories, Dear Life, in 2012, so this win is fitting in the closing of her final chapter – the “The End,” if you will. In light of this, even critics who had found Munro’s prose and contemporary style confusing and chaotic, like Christian Lorentzen, ended up betting on her win.

Munro is surely a “best kept secret” in the literary world, not appearing for many interviews and simply isn’t widely talked about. This could be due to the fact that her stories deal with especially psychological aspects, a very “in-your-head” style that prevents readers from being able to relay the story in-short and end up frustrated with a “you’d just have to read it yourself,” when their listener doesn’t give the reaction intended.

Hopefully, this win will let more readers in on the secret that is Munro, especially with new rumors circulating that, after hearing of her win, Munro may in fact come out of retirement. We can all cross our fingers, at least.

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